wallPen® GmbH

wallPen® GmbH is an innovative machine builder, wall printing service provider and leading manufacturer of vertical wall printers.

Industrial manufacturing
Inventory / MRP CRM / Sales / Marketing


WallPen wanted to replace their old CRM system, as it was not a fully-encompassing solution and did not suit their future development needs. In addition to their old CRM system, they used Excel spreadsheets and the accounting software Tresor Warenwirtschaft. They wanted an ERP software that could centrally manage all data and processes, and this led them to Odoo. Having identified the software they wanted to use, they sought a competent implementation partner. They chose OBS Solutions primarily because of our local proximity and use of personal on-site support and for our professional, customer-focused nature.


The initial Odoo implementation for WallPen included CRM and Sales functions which went live after 6 months. Then the Billing and Warehousing functions were implemented next, followed by Manufacturing functions. OBS Solutions made minor adjustments in the areas of CRM, reports and contact and item master data. WallPen also requested custom mail client in Odoo.

Business Benefits

WallPen completely replaced its previous software landscape with Odoo. The modification and adjustment of the master data function helped to improve WallPen’s daily work. The new function allows them to see old and new data from which they are able to take decisions that improve their communication and service to their customers and partners. The mail client in Odoo was mapped with a community module, which saves the customer valuable time and money. WallPen particularly enjoys the simplicity of the production process, which optimally supports their work processes. The communication between WallPen and OBS Solutions is particularly characterized by consistency, which is supported by the deep software knowledge on both sides.