AH Industries

AH Industries is a specialist in precision products for industries including wind power, cement and mineral, offshore and marine, and machinery industries.

Industrial manufacturing
Finance Inventory / MRP CRM / Sales / Marketing
Denmark Germany


AH Industries needed an ERP platform to integrate its complex multi-company, multi-language, and multi-currency support functions. Their previous software solution included three different inefficient versions of MS Navision per company and location. Given the complexity of trying to manage their business with disparate systems, AH Industries needed one ERP system for all sites, where they could easily access all data and transform those data into valuable information.

AH Industries was using highly customized business software before Odoo, so they wanted to go as standard as possible with this implementation, avoiding excessive customization, and allowing for easier upgrades down the road.


For this reason, they decided to make only minor adjustments to Odoo's manufacturing order process, allowing them the flexibility they required.

They quickly settled on Odoo as the most suitable solution. The IT manager conducted an extensive review of competing ERP systems and determined that Odoo offered the best value for money due to its broad range of functionality and sensible license structure.

For the duration of the project, AH Industries ran an internal project group with three people responsible for Supply Chain, Accounting, and Information Technology.

Business Benefits

As a result of the excellent collaboration between OBS and AH Industries, the cutover to the new Odoo system was done in only three months. This was due to superb internal project management by AH Industries, which made for smooth and efficient progress with issues addressed quickly.

“We were only able to go live within 3 months thanks to the quick and convincing solutions from OBS. The operational cooperation was exceptionally good." — Henrik M. Platz, Executive Group Controller at AH Industries

The attribute that AH Industries values most about Odoo is that Odoo is a browser-based system that allows users to do their work on their preferred device: desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

These "new ways of doing business" that Odoo makes possible are, in the eyes of AH Industries, the most significant benefit of changing their business software.

"Even our complex requirements could be mainly managed within Odoo standard, because of the focus, the Odoo competence and the quick feedback from OBS." — Karen B. Pedersen, Head of Supply Chain at AH Industries.