Kito Europe GmbH

KITO is a traditional Japanese company and a world quality leader in lifting technology. Kito has more than 80 years of experience in the manufacturing of chains and fittings, light crane systems and cranes, as well as specially designed lifting solutions.

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Kito used SAP but needed software that could absorb and extend its functions. The focus was on a fully comprehensive solution that could map all processes in one software. In addition to reducing costs, Kito was also looking for cloud software to replace its outdated server version and software infrastructure.


After a long and intensive analysis phase, Kito chose Odoo as the software of choice. During this phase, Kito's employees tested SAP and Odoo in a direct comparison. With the team's feedback that Odoo's usability offered clear advantages, the decision was finally made in favor of Odoo. Kito is carrying out the implementation in phases, starting with CRM with ancillary functions, such as the helpdesk and the ticket system. Then the ERP system followed next, with adjustments in the accounting area using the OBS Finance Solutions to close the gap to the SAP functions. The implementation of the ERP system has been postponed for the time being due to internal personnel and owner changes.

Business Benefits

The collaboration with Kito ran smoothly and was characterized by a good feedback structure. Kito particularly benefits from the fully comprehensive CRM system, which includes all the functions they need. Efficient work is now standard at Kito, and the user-friendliness of the software has improved significantly with the switch to Odoo.