Grundstoff GmbH

Grundstoff produces and assembles natural carpets from natural fibers such as coconut, wool, seagrass, and sisal.

Industrial manufacturing
Finance Inventory / MRP CRM / Sales / Marketing


Grundstoff was looking for business software that suited their business needs. Previously, Grundstoff organized themselves with Excel spreadsheets and paper files. They needed enterprise software to grow as a company and to optimize work overview and processes. They decided to go with Odoo, as the open-source character and possibilities for in-house programming were significantly better with Odoo than with other software offerings.


Grundstoff went live with their enterprise software within 13 months of starting the project. The core system includes CRM, sales, website, helpdesk, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, repair, accounting, barcoding, and email marketing. The system was supplemented with a solution tailored to Grundstoff for calculating quantities/areas in the sales app and an interface from manufacturing to Grundstoff’s store system. A special solution was later added to optimize "make-or-buy" decisions in a subsidiary.

Business Benefits

Grundstoff now has a system tailored to their needs and covering all desired areas. Manufacturing processes and warehouse utilization are now optimized so that Grundstoff produces and sells in an even more resource-efficient manner. The customer not only moves competently and independently in the system configuration but also in the programming.

Difficulties in the project process were solved constructively. After the go-live, OBS Solutions stepped back into the support role and continues to support Grundstoff professionally.