Voltfang GmbH

Voltfang GmbH specializes in secure energy systems based on renewable energies and the decarbonization of industry and commerce. Energy consumption optimization, peak load capping and grid relief in the event of atypical grid usage are its core topics.

Industrial manufacturing
Finance Inventory / MRP CRM / Sales / Marketing


Voltfang approached OBS Solutions with clear expectations: they wanted to go live with the new Odoo core system within a few months. Before switching from another implementation partner to OBS Solutions, the customer used Office applications and in-house programming. This offered little overview, insufficient data management and no longer met the needs of the fast-growing start-up. The aim of introducing Odoo was to transfer, structure and consolidate their work processes in the system.


Voltfang went live with its core system within 3 months. This included the areas of manufacturing, inventory, purchasing and quality. Sales, other inventory functions, accounting and customer service were added successively. Minor adjustments were made in the areas of sales and reports based on a division of labor. Adjustments in the area of production are mainly carried out by the customer themselves. Efficient consulting enabled us to keep programming lean and efficient. Additional adaptations that were under discussion in the areas of sales or production, for example, could be sensibly mapped in the Odoo standard.

Business Benefits

Voltfang benefits in particular from production, which is efficiently adapted to its own work processes and steps, and the bills of materials (BOM), which can now be optimally mapped. The project is characterized by in-depth software knowledge on both sides and thrives on the intensive exchange between Voltfang and OBS Solutions.