ICEE-JUNGO AG develops, produces and markets municipal vehicles, as well as vehicles and machines of all kinds, that can be purchased, leased or rented.

Industrial manufacturing
Finance Services / PMS Inventory / MRP CRM / Sales / Marketing Website / E-Commerce
Germany Switzerland


ICEE - JUNGO, a start-up, was looking for a business software solution to professionalize themselves further. They chose Odoo over SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, particularly because of the price-performance ratio and score; Odoo offered a reasonable price for the same range of functions. Before choosing Odoo as a full system, ICEE - JUNGO worked sporadically with Excel tables.


OBS Solutions implemented the project successfully, following the customer's requirements. However, the project encountered some issues with an external developer after implementation: further adjustments after the initial implementation of the software were unfortunately poorly executed in terms of technical quality.

ICEE - JUNGO and OBS Solutions decided to re-implement the software to correct the issues caused by the external developer. OBS Solutions also added requirements that are mainly related to the location in Germany, which is a new addition.

Business Benefits

ICEE - JUNGO drew their conclusions from the project and made a conscious decision in favor of OBS Solutions. In addition to software implementation, we also take care of process optimization and maintenance. The communication channels are kept short and both parties continue to focus on regular and open communication.