Desoutter GmbH

Founded in 1914 with headquarters in France, Desoutter GmbH is one of the global leaders in the field of electrical and pneumatic screwdriving systems.

Industrial manufacturing
Services / PMS Inventory / MRP


Before implementing Odoo, Desoutter managed and monitored their processes using multiple complex Microsoft Excel sheets, where they manually entered all data associated with the daily management of their business. This system was extremely time-consuming to manage, and the potential for errors during data processing increased over time. Accurate reporting was another challenge.

Desoutter wanted a software solution that could cover all their business needs. They also wanted a flexible solution to implement some highly specific customizations in their use case of maintaining assembly tools for their clients.


They chose Odoo because of its wide range of functions and adaptability to specific customer needs, and they chose OBS as their implementing partner of choice.

We built a fairly specific application on top of Odoo's maintenance module, which covers every business need Desoutter has for their workshop reporting. Managing periodic maintenance orders, tracking time on maintenance orders and generating reports are now only a few clicks away.

Business Benefits

The easy-to-use reporting functions using the Odoo dashboard are a massive plus for Desoutter, and the potential for data errors has decreased drastically. Additionally, a fully functional inventory and stock management system was implemented, which had previously only existed in various Excel sheets or not at all. On top of that, using some of Odoo's great standard apps, we incorporated even more business cases, like purchasing, which was previously done in a completely different system.

Because of their successful Odoo implementation, Desoutter is considering replacing some of the other software products in their current stack with various Odoo solutions to reduce complexity even more. With Odoo, Desoutter is prepared to meet any future challenges that require building great solutions for their business at their different service locations.