Odoo Customer References

Please have a close look at some of our most successful Odoo implementations for major industry brands. Review multinational projects conducted with our best odoo partner network.


Airbus is a global pioneer in the aerospace industry, operating in the commercial aircraft, helicopters, defence and space sectors.

Company size: >1.000 employees

Locations: Germany

Industry: Industrial Services

Odoo Apps: 

Helpdesk, Maintenance, Inventory, Reporting

Odoo is managing several internal workshops in the AIRBUS plant in Hamburg. 

  • complete flow of tools with automated RFID recognition
  • automated maintenance planning and execution
  • extensive reporting to management
  • managing of supplies


BMW is a listed automobile and motorcycle manufacturer. The product range includes the automobile and motorcycle brands BMW, the automobile brands Mini and Rolls-Royce.

Company size: >1.000 employees

Locations: Germany, China

Industry: Industrial Services

Odoo Apps: 

Inventory, Reporting

Odoo is managing the whole logistics workflow to sort warranty parts from dealer to manufacturer. 

  • full barcode supported logistics workflow

  • reporting interface to group data warehouse system

  • semi-automated sorting process depending on product type, quality, claim etc.

KITO Europe GmbH

With more than 80 years of experience in the manufacture of hoists and cranes, the company is a global quality leader.

Company size: 51-200 employees

Locations: Germany, Finland 

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, Finance, Helpdesk

Odoo is supporting KITO at the complete CRM & ERP process flow.

  • seamless integration of CRM & ERP with connection of a web-based product configurator
  • extensions to Odoo standard in finance to close GAP with SAP
  • automated communication with headquarter Japan for orders and deliveries

AH Industries

AH Industries is known as a specialist for precision products for industries such as the wind turbine industry, the cement and mineral industries, the offshore and marine industries and the machinery industry.

Company size: 100-500 employees

Locations: Germany, Denmark 

Industry:  Industrial Manufacturing

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, Finance

AH Industries (AHI) needed an ERP platform to integrate its complex multi-company, multi- language, and multi-currency support functions.

  • transfer to the new Odoo system was done in only three months
  • customer values most, Odoo Standard function, browser based system

Sunseeker London 

Sunseeker is a manufacturer of luxuary yachts. Sunseeker London is the largest distributor network of Sunseeker boats and products worldwide.

Company size: 100-500 employees

Locations: UK, Spain, France

Industry: Entertainment

Odoo Apps: 

Helpdesk, Inventory, Website

Sunseeker is utilising Odoo Helpdesk and Project to manage warranty & maintenance issues, amongst other functions. 

  • Deployed across multiple sites
  • Customisations to Odoo standard to fit detailed requirements
  • Future deployment into other areas of business made simple


IT services providers for big companies as Mercado Libre, Despegar, among others.

Company size: 100-500 employees

Locations: Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia 

Industry:  IT & Communication

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Sales, Project, Timesheet, Helpdesk, Purchase, Web, Accounting, HR

Odoo is managing all its main processes in 3 different countries, with more than 100 users involved daily in the operation

Consulting Services

IT services for medium and big comoanies. One of the main partners of Fortinet, Cisco, DELL EMC, VMware and Veeam in the region.

Company Size: 100-500 employees

Location: Argentina

Industry:  IT & Communication

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Invoicing

Odoo is managing all its main processes with full tracking for all the licenses and services provided.

Ingeniería Boggio

Retail company that provides electrical material for the industry.

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Location: Argentina

Industry: Retail & Warehouse 

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, After Sales, Purchase, Finance

Odoo is managing its sales for multiple platforms like eCommerce, B2B, and B2C and organizing the stock for multiple warehouses around the country.

Active Learning Sistema Educativo 

Active Learning is an Educational System that combines the implementation of innovative pedagogies, the setting of learning spaces and efficient management to provide quality education within everyone's reach. 

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Location: Argentina

Industry: Education

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Accounting, Invoicing, Purchasing, Academic, RRHH, Helpdesk, Projects

The ETH Group

Global industrial Timber packaging manufacturer specialising in customisation and fabrication of Wood packaging as well as logistics.

Company Size: 100-500 employees

Location: Malaysia and Singapore

Industry: Packaging

Odoo Apps: 

Inventory, Sales, Invoicing, Purchasing, Manufacturing

ETH required a system that could manage multi country/language, allow for regional nuances. Furthermore, Odoo provided ETH with browser based technology to track their inventory, manage projects, timesheets and job costings.

Urban Republic

Family business that has diversified from reimaging caravans with their innovative, high-quality panels to residential and commercial markets. Urban Republic has an extensive range of product offerings including electronics, timber, plywood and high quality panels imported from Europe.

Company Size: 100-500 employees

Location: Australia and Malaysia

Industry: Wholesaler to Construction Industry

Odoo Apps: 

Website, Sales, Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Manufacturing

Urban Republic had a number of disparate software packages and looked to Odoo to enable them to run their business from a single solution. They were looking for a system that was flexible enough to create process efficiencies and inventory control.

The Oodie

International company manufacturing clothing in China and distributing globally. 

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Location: Australia, Canada, USA (Plans for EU expansion)

Industry: Retail & Wholesale

Odoo Apps: 

Website, CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Finance, Documents, Consolidation, Helpdesk

As an international company based in Adelaide, The Davie Group have a number of growing products marketed internationally online. An integrated ERP was essential to fulfill their immediate needs with capabiluty to process anticipated growth in transactions and geographical expansion.

Springers Solar

Springers Solar is powering the lifestyle of 1000’s of Australians in SE Queensland. Their stores at Lawnton and Capalaba in SE Queensland stock a large selection of batteries, chargers, inverters, lights, appliances, communications Systems (...) with qualified Electricians and Auto Electricians for professional installation services.

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Location: Australia

Industry: Solar products and installations

Odoo Apps:

Point of Sale, Sales, Project, Warehouse 

Springers Solar required a system that could manage their diverse operations from order entry, stock and warehouse management, and project management whilst also catering for the needs of a POS sysem in the stores, together with the ability to get timely sales figures for both solar panel installations and shop sales. Odoo POS integrated with a customised Sales Order entry system was able to seamlessly handle all sales transactions.


One of the fastest-growing
e-commerce projects in Europe.

Company Size: >500 employees

Location: Slovakia, Czech Republic

Industry: Retail fashion

Odoo Apps:

Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Documents,
HR, eCommerce, Approvals

In two phases of project implementation, 26HOUSE provided Dedoles with a solution based on Enterprise Odoo version 14, supplemented by:

  • Customer individual adjustments, so-called customization in the field of product management, vendors, warehouses, purchase orders, price lists, transportation in existing Odoo applications Contacts, Purchasing, Warehouse and Invoicing
  • Slovak accounting localization modules Slovak invoice and Slovak accounting plan
  • Selected third-party plug-ins
  • Automated integration into accounting and warehousing systems and the e-shop management system

Moore BDR

Consulting company

Company Size: <100 employees

Location: Slovakia

Industry:  Accounting, Audit and Consulting

Odoo Apps:

SK Accounting, Sales, CRM, Project,
Reporting, Documents, eSign, Timesheet

26HOUSE provided a solution based on Enterprise Odoo version 14:

  • Customer individual adjustments and customization
  • Slovak localization modules
  • Selected third-party add-ons
  • Automated integrations for accounting systems

Partner bank

Brand new commercial bank

Company Size: <100 employees

Location: Czech Republic

Industry: Banking

Odoo Apps:

Invoicing, CRM, Inventory, Sales,
Project, Documents, Purchase,

Significant implementation of localized
Czech accounting in Odoo with integration
on core Bank's systems.


Unique distributor of
Leister Technologie products

Company Size: <101 employees

Location: Czech Republic

Industry: Services & Distribution

Odoo Apps:

CRM, Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory,
Manufacturing, Quality, Website,
Project, Rental

Implementation of localized accounting and E2E manufacturing process in one-stop-shop solution

Butchers & Bicycles

Manufacturer of Design Award Winning Electronic Cargo Bike (3-wheeler). Branded through a network of more than 100 re-sellers worldwide. 

Company Size: 15 employees

Location: Denmark

Industry:  Consumer Product

Odoo Apps:

Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing, Accounting, Helpdesk, E-Commerce, Website


Smartblocks creates soundproof isolated workspaces within offices. 

Company Size: 13 employees

Location: Finland

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

Odoo Apps:

Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Product Life cycle, CRM


Kuntokauppa is a B2C sports goods wholesaler. 

Company Size: 45 employees

Location: Finland

Industry: Consumer products

Odoo Apps: Consulting

EMKA Beschlagteile

World market leader for locks, hinges and seals. Top quality, wide variety and the most modern production processes. Inform now! Production in Europe. Fast delivery. Individual production. Worldwide sales network. 

Company Size: >500 employees

Location: Germany, USA, Indonesia 

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, Finance


Pickert & Partner is a successful, ISO-certified software manufacturer. Pickert is the first point of contact for SMEs in the metal and plastics industry and also specializes in discrete production. For years we have been involved in various research projects, working groups and associations to promote topics such as Industry 4.0. 

Company Size: <100 employees

Location: Germany

Industry: IT & Communication

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Sales, Project, Timesheet, Helpdesk, Website, Purchase


Schätzl is a full service printing company for digital printing and finishing. Whether printing partner, print portal connection or individual orders - Schätzl offers the specialists many years of expertise, advice and support in digital printing and print finishing 

Company Size: <100 employees

Location: Germany

Industry: Consumer Products 

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Sales, Inventory, Project, Timesheet, Helpdesk, Website, Purchase


Netsafe AG provides IT services of all kinds for Small, medium and large enterprises as well as public organizations. They offer comprehensive services ranging from business consulting, project management or infrastructure and system management services. 

Company Size: <100 employees

Location: Switzerland 

Industry: IT & Communication

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Sales, Project, Timesheet, Purchase

Nutmeg Limited

Adidas and Reebok in Ghana are exclusively operated by Nutmeg Limited, their retailer and partner in the market. They’ve been in the market for more than 10 years and serving more than 15,000 loyal customers with a wide collection of 40,000+ different items.

Company Size: <100 employees

Location: Ghana

Industry: Retail & Wholesale

Odoo Apps: 

Sales, Purchase, Inventory, POS, Accounting, Website, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, full HRMS.

Nutmeg Limited expressed the need of a comprehensive user-friendly ERP solution. Furthermore, Odoo provided them a better scalability and availability that will accompanies their expansion strategies.

Senergy Holding Company

SENERGY Holding invests in oil and gas services companies operating in Frontier and Emerging Markets in (MENA Region), The company’s subsidiaries Provide logging, testing and well completion services in Kuwait, Sudan, Iraq (Southern Iraq and the Kurdistan Region) and Pakistan. The company is listed in the Boursa Kuwait.

Company Size: >100 employees

Location: Kuwait

Industry: Oil & Gas

Odoo Apps: 

Accounting, Procurement, Sales, Project management, Supply Chain management, Field Service & Maintenance Management & Human Resources.

SENERGY were looking for Odoo as an advanced ERP system that will centralize their operations across their multiple companies which will provide them better operational and analytical visibility. In addition, their main concern was to acquire a flexible and reliable solution that will facilitate their growth without systematic bottlenecks.

Seventh Dimension

Seventh Dimension is a Kuwait-based enterprise that unifies smart device distribution, retail, e-commerce and home-service under one corporate umbrella. We are a leading partner to global powerhouse brands including Anker Innovations, RAVPower, WizGear & Patchworks.

Company Size: >100 employees

Location: Kuwait

Industry: Retail & Wholesale

Odoo Apps: 

E-Commerce, POS, Warehouse automation, Consumer Journey, Supply Chain and Inventory

Being a fast growing company with several sales channel (Direct Sales, eCommerce & POS) in addition to the distribution model, the optimization of the consumer journey, supply chain workflows and internal operations became a challenge for Seventh Dimension. They trusted Plennix Technologies to optimize their Odoo environment by implementing advanced and tailored Odoo products developed by our R&D Team, which facilitated and automated their processes.

Deep Performance Auto Spare Parts Trading

Deep Performance is an auto parts trading business originally founded in year 2014. Trading distribution started on June 2015 providing the most racing parts in the United Arab Emirates.

Company Size: <100 employees

Location: UAE

Industry: Automotive 

Odoo Apps: 

Accounting system, Integration with DHL & FEDEX, Integration with Emirates ID, Social Marketing, Supply Chain, Material requisition, Purchase management, Inventory and Warehouse management, CRM, Sales and POS, E-commerce platform.

Deep performance team was facing a lot of operational bottlenecks and they were looking for Odoo as an advanced ERP system that will facilitate their day-to-day operations.

Their main concern was to have a central application compatible with their mutli-warehouse and multi-company environment. With many branches across UAE, the automation of their CRM, Sales, procurement and warehouse management processes became a must, for a better control.

Promate Technologies

Promate Technologies, the worldwide leader in electronic and computing DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service) with extensive experience in product development and vertically integrated capabilities, Promate boasts a diversified product line, including mobility accessories, IT peripherals,
photography enhancements, digital gadgets and consumer electronics and more.

Company Size: 500-1000 employees

Location: UAE, Istanbul, Laguna Hills, Voluntari, Kiev, Shenzhen, Manila, Hong Kong

Industry: Manufacturing & Retail & Distribution

Odoo Apps: 

E-Commerce, POS, Van Operations, Warehouse and Supply Chain automation, Consumer Journey, Finance and Accounting, Social and Email marketing.

Being a fast growing company, the optimization and the automation of the consumer journey and internal operations became a challenge for Promate. They wanted a top-notch solution that will centralize their operations worldwide. They trusted Plennix Technologies to implement a full-fledge ERP system using tailored Odoo products developed by our R&D Team, which facilitated and automated their processes.

Philip Morris

Philip Morris Management Services (Middle East) Limited – Lebanon Branch - (PMMS) was established in 2006 in Beirut, Lebanon. PMMS provides marketing services to support Philip Morris
International (PMI) brands including Marlboro, Bond, Merit and Chesterfield.

Company Size: >100 employees

Location: Lebanon

Industry: Manufacturing

Odoo Apps: 

CRM, Marketing automation, eCommerce, POS, Customer service, Helpdesk, Inventory, Warehouse management.

Philip Morris Lebanon was able to upgrade and reach more than 110 satisfied users via their tailored Odoo solution, offering full integration with the global data warehouse business intelligence of Philip Morris International.

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