BMW is a German car manufacturer operating on a global scale and is one of the biggest companies in Germany.

Inventory / MRP
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As a multinational joint venture with locations in Europe and China, Encory searched for software solutions that suit the requirements of both markets. Their branch in China had different requirements than their European branch, as the Chinese market environment is characterized as being highly dynamic and fast-growing. Therefore, BMW needed a highly flexible solution to meet the business requirements of the Chinese subsidiary working with its joint venture "Encory".


The module that was used as a basis for the development was Odoo Inventory, which is used for managing and processing incoming parts. With Odoo and with our support, we fulfilled all of BMW's joint venture's special requirements, like barcode scanning with mobile devices, process automation, detailed report generation, and an interface to BI software and to their own monitoring software. For their European branch, BMW's joint venture has developed tailor-made software on the basis of Odoo's comprehensive platform.

Business Benefits

The biggest advantage of this project was that Odoo was adapted in the front-end user interface exactly as required, and in the background, we used Odoo standard for all automation and processes. No major programming was necessary and, in the end, the project budget was not even consumed entirely, so BMW's joint venture decided to upgrade the whole system to go live on the newest version. Because of the customized front end, we have been able to map BMW's joint venture's processes 100% as specified.

"OBS delivered as promised. Compared to other projects, we had an absolutely smooth implementation of Odoo thanks to the expertise, know-how, flexibility and accessibility of OBS. The system runs like clockwork." — Christian Uhlmann, Project Lead at Encory, BMW's joint venture with ALBA Group

The attribute BMW's joint venture values most in using Odoo as a tailor-made software are its many automations and easy reporting functions that result in a very low error rate and prevent errors in their warehouse. Also, Odoo's intuitive ease of use and its very fast and stable system make it the perfect addition to their other software systems - especially due to the seamless integration with the other systems. Furthermore, Odoo is much more cost-efficient due to its flexibility and customizability.