MINDFAB GmbH deals in materials, tools, machines and services for the manufacture of products for the dental, ophthalmic optics, hearing aid acoustics, jewelry and writing instruments industries.

Industrial Manufacturing
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MINDFAB was already an Odoo customer working with another Odoo implementer. However, the shortcomings in accessibility and structured working caused them to switch to OBS Solutions, where they focused on building their new brand and the associated marketing. The plan was for OBS Solutions to manage their Odoo software upgrade.


OBS Solutions took over the existing system, made minor optimizations and adjustments and then upgraded their Odoo software. This allowed for a seamless upgrade of the core system and the addition of minor customizations. MINDFAB began to use their optimized and upgraded system after only 6 months. Other requested adjustments were made after the project's live date. The upgrade was a top priority for OBS Solutions.

Business Benefits

In its collaboration with OBS Solutions, MINDFAB particularly appreciates the structured and transparent way of working. We kept the communication channels short and connected them with their contact persons at OBS Solutions. MINDFAB now moves independently and competently in the system and programming processes, while OBS Solutions supports system upgrades, error resolution and troubleshooting. The exchange continues to be regular, strengthening the basis of the cooperation.