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SpiroChem AG, an expert in drug design, offers innovative chemical solutions to universities, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies of all sizes.

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Prior to working with OBS Solutions, SpiroChem was already using industry-specific inventory software, and they wanted to continue using it alongside the new Odoo solution.


With the help of OBS Solutions, SpiroChem successfully went live with its Odoo system on schedule. This solution essentially consisted of inventory, sales and accounting functionalities. Recommendations for interfaces and automation in the Odoo system were presented to the customer but were rejected for cost reasons.

Business Benefits

The interaction between inventory and sales processes works efficiently and supports SpiroChem's requirements. Since not all requirements were clearly communicated and weaknesses were still identified after the software was implemented, both SpiroChem and OBS Solutions are working together to find optimizations that will be available in newer Odoo versions. These improvements may address issues such as missing functions in Odoo accounting and the labor-intensive data import process, offering more streamlined and useful solutions.