Netsafe AG

Netsafe AG provides IT services of all kinds to small, medium and large enterprises as well as public organizations. They offer comprehensive services, including business consulting, project or infrastructure management, and system management services.

IT & Communication
Finance Human Resource Services / PMS CRM / Sales / Marketing


Before contacting OBS Solutions, Netsafe used software programmed in-house, which was becoming increasingly high-maintenance. So they needed new, modern enterprise software.


Netsafe started using their new Odoo software after only 10 months, despite this being a very extensive project. The core system consisted of CRM, sales, subscription, finance, projects, time tracking, field service, purchasing, warehouse and time-off. The software was enhanced with complex customizations in the following areas: time tracking (overtime, bonuses, etc.), expenses and commission accounting calculator. An interface to Abacus (Swiss ERP software) was also created to complete the accounting activities for Netsafe. OBS Solutions also developed a solution for optimizing the quotation processes. However, this was discarded during one of the system updates because it was not used.

Business Benefits

"The commission calculation tool saves us days of evaluation work. Today, it can be done in a matter of minutes." - Mathias Ebneter, Managing Director of Netsafe

Since the start of the project, the active communication culture, in particular, has been one of the reasons why both sides enjoy working together. After implementation, Netsafe remained a convinced OBS customer and carried out not only upgrades but also ongoing enhancements to the software. Netsafe remains interested in Odoo and what is possible in Odoo.

OBS Solutions gladly accepts Netsafe's requests for additional functions and works with them to test solutions and, if necessary, implement adaptations.