AIRTEC-BRAIDS GmbH is a leading manufacturer of bonding straps. The firm enjoys high recognition and an excellent reputation among the world’s largest aerospace companies.

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As a specialized supplier for some of the leading companies in the aircraft industry, AIRTEC-BRAIDS needed an integrated manufacturing software solution for their existing ERP System. Also, their former system, AvERP, needed an update because it no longer fulfilled the specific requirements of the aviation industry—their former system was proprietary software, so the source code was not available and was strictly protected.


Another Odoo partner had earlier made some customizations for AIRTEC-BRAIDS, but AIRTEC-BRAIDS realized the project was not on track to meet their goals. So, they ended up partnering with OBS to complete their custom Odoo implementation.

AIRTEC-BRAIDS chose Odoo because of Odoo’s open-source nature. With their new solution, AIRTEC-BRAIDS wanted to be able to customize their software system to their specific needs.

When OBS took over the project, work was already at an advanced implementation stage, but we quickly made changes to simplify the work. These changes included the configuration of stock routing and quality management. OBS also convinced AIRTEC-BRAIDS to move their system to the Cloud platform because of its distinct advantages, like improving data access and security, and reducing hosting costs.

Business Benefits

For the most part, Odoo's comprehensive standard solution met AIRTEC-BRAIDS business needs, making only a few customizations to sale orders and inventory necessary.

After the new Odoo ERP system was implemented, AIRTEC-BRAIDS was able to digitize their production, plan manufacturing orders more precisely, and fulfill the needs of their clients in the aircraft industry more efficiently. In addition to these gains, AIRTEC-BRAIDS was also able to update their certifications.