Odoo Experience 2023
More about our time at the OXP 2023
16 November, 2023 by
Odoo Experience 2023
Ida Müller

From November 8 to 10, we had the privilege of attending the Odoo Experience 2023 in Brussels and even had the opportunity to spend an evening together as the BOP Alliance the day before.
In this blog post, we would like to share with you our experiences at the OXP and how we experienced this exciting event.

Starting signal for our time 
in Brussels

On the Tuesday evening before the official start of the Odoo Experience 2023, the members of the BOP Alliance met at the hotel bar for a cozy get-together. Delicious snacks, drinks and a warm exchange were the perfect start to our time together. Not only were business topics discussed, but there were also many personal conversations and, above all, the opportunity to welcome our new partners.
The atmosphere was great and the entertainment prepared by Falinwa kept everyone in a good mood. Tasks such as solving puzzles, forming sentences in different languages and taking photos with grimaces were not only fun, but also encouraged team spirit.

Our BOP booth at the OXP

On the actual day of the event, the BOP Alliance presented itself with a double stand: flyers and stickers as well as our brand-new BOP magazine were on display, reporting on exciting news from the BOP Alliance and much more.

We were particularly proud of our lottery flyers, which aroused great interest and were diligently filled out by numerous participants. The international BOP Alliance partners provided a fascinating variety of country-specific prizes, including a Christmas tree from Germany, a football from the USA, a wine from Spain, a tie from Croatia and a 3D-printed Maltese cross from Malta!
The lottery on Friday afternoon was an exciting highlight, with winners from various countries being chosen.

News from Odoo and shared celebration

During the Odoo Experience, BOP Alliance members had the chance to listen to exciting talks, discover new tools and network with each other.
The evenings were celebrated in style, both with our partners and with Odoo. A band provided the background music and the atmosphere was relaxed and full of energy.

The Odoo Experience was the perfect mix of business talks, intercultural exchange and exuberant celebration of Odoo enthusiasts.
We are already looking forward to upcoming events and the opportunity to see our alliance continue to grow.

Odoo Experience 2023
Ida Müller 16 November, 2023
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