BOP Alliance Update - August 2023
Partnerships on the road to success
1 August, 2023 by
BOP Alliance Update - August 2023
Ida Müller

We are pleased to present an update on the Best Odoo Partners Alliance! Our partnerships are on track for success and are achieving remarkable things in record time.

General Update

Our partner from the United Arab Emirates has reached an impressive milestone in a very short time and is now the leading Odoo partner in the region! Their dedication and expertise has enabled them to dominate the market and provide exceptional Odoo solutions to their customers.

Another partner from Slovakia had the opportunity to participate in CFO Forum 2023 - the most important event of the year for financial leaders. This important forum provided a platform for interesting discussions, insightful seminars and valuable networking opportunities. Participants were able to learn from leading experts and deepen their knowledge of finance and business management.

The Odoo Roadshow in Barcelona was also attended by our Barcelona partner: This included insightful demonstrations of Odoo software, customer success stories and plenty of time for productive peer-to-peer exchanges. Our partner used this opportunity to enhance skills, share ideas, and make valuable contacts.

The commitment of our partner from Barcelona led to the fact that they now share their experiences and case studies on LinkedIn - this way knowledge can be spread and other companies can be helped with innovative Odoo solutions.

Our partner from Germany has developed a cloud platform to run Odoo applications efficiently and reliably. The Odoo hosting solution thus offers flexibility, scalability and security and, with its adaptability, is the optimal way to support the growth of a company.
Likewise, our partner from Germany participated in the Odoo Roadshow in Bern and in Vienna.

These developments are a sign of the strength of the BOP Alliance and our partner community. Working together and sharing knowledge makes it possible to achieve impressive results. We are proud of our partners and thank them for their contributions and dedication that makes the BOP Alliance a strong network of leading Odoo experts.

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BOP Alliance Update - August 2023
Ida Müller 1 August, 2023
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